Gatlinburg Wedding Packages for Two: Buying the Wedding Rings

Tips on Buying Wedding Rings

Getting married with Gatlinburg wedding packages for two is a major step in a person’s life and is a day that neither individual will ever forget. The wedding ring is a symbol of the bond that is shared by the two people who are getting married and, therefore, is very important to both the ceremony and the marriage as a whole. When choosing a wedding ring for your Smoky Mountain wedding, you will want to consider many different aspects before making your final decision. After all, this ring will be with you for the rest of your life, so you should make sure that it is something that is both comfortable and attractive for wearing on a daily basis.

Develop a Budget

Before you even begin looking at rings for your Gatlinburg wedding package, it is a good idea to come up with a budget. Creating a realistic budget can make your search much easier, by limiting your choices, and can reduce stress, by ensuring that you do not spend too much money. As you visit jewelry stores in your area, let every salesperson know how much you are willing to spend and stay firm if you are shown a ring that is beyond your means. After all, wedding packages in Gatlinburg were meant to be affordable.

Style and Metal Type

There are a number of different styles from which to choose, so carefully go through all of them to find one that best suits you. Some brides like wedding rings that include diamonds or other precious stones, while some want a simple gold band. Alternative materials like white gold, platinum, titanium, and tungsten are also available, so you will have a number of different options during your search. High quality wedding bands will allow you to remember your wedding ceremony in the Smoky Mountains for eternity.

Those who prefer yellow gold will want to go with 18, 14, or 10 carat options because 22 carat gold is too soft and will not stand up to being worn every day. Most white gold wedding rings come with rhodium plating, which strengthens the ring and enhances its appearance. Platinum is an extremely durable metal that will not break down over time, which is perhaps why it is becoming so popular. The same can be said for materials like titanium, tungsten, and zirconium, which provide the durability of platinum, without breaking the bank. Since you will be getting such an affordable price if booking Gatlinburg wedding packages for two, it’s okay to splurge on your rings.

Size and Fit

It should go without saying that you should have your finger measured before purchasing any ring, but you should also remember that different styles of ring fit differently. Comfort fit bands feature a domed appearance, which provides extra room on the inside of the ring. This is ideal for men, as these rings are more likely to fit over large knuckles and will not pinch the finger when the fist is clenched. Standard fit bands do not have this dome, so they tend to fit tighter.

Matching Rings

If the bride plans to wear her engagement ring and wedding band on the same hand, these rings should match as closely as possible. This can be a difficult proposition, however, especially if you did not purchase the wedding band and engagement ring as a matching set. Matching becomes even more difficult when the bride and groom want their bands to match as well. If matching is important to you, it could take some time to shop around and find the perfect rings to meet your needs. Many couples now choose to match color, rather than style, as this makes it much easier to find the appropriate rings. You are all set for your beautiful Smoky Mountain wedding in Gatlinburg.